Monday, 30 September 2013

"ASUU Has Been Unfair To The Nigerian Students"

According to Obasi. D. C. Chinedu from Voice of the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (VNTI), the striking members of The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have been unfair in their treatment of the Nigerian students.

Obasi argues that the past weeks of the strike have shown that either ASUU has been selfish on their demands, or they are not telling the truth. He notes the Union should keep in mind that Nigerian students are unlikely to support the strike or the lecturers' demands blindly, without knowing what these demands are.

Obasi keeps on stating that ASUU has not demonstrated any flexibility in negotiations with the Federal Government:

"when it comes to negotiations, you don’t just make a demand, and stand on it, else, its no longer a negotiation, but a command."

He says it was gathered that ASUU initially mae the public to believe that their demands were sincerely about improving the standard of education, but FG has "rubbished" that presenting the "real fact" saying, “They initially told us that it was about infrastructure, but it is about allowances. N30b has been released for the payment of their accumulated allowances, and N100b earmarked for infrastructural development. It is important for the public to know that government did not say this is all that it will give, but government says go and start the payment with this amount and let us know the amount it will add”.

Obasi asks what is this infrastructure development that ASUU demands?

"With what’s said above, Its either the striking ASUU members are being unfair with their treatment of the Nigerian students, or their is something they are not telling us, about their, “Pulling out of the negotiation table.” Is this how they expect to resolve the crisis???"

He further argues that it has become clear that the striking lecturers are either no longer interested in the jobs or need a break from work. Its time, Obasi says, for the FG to implement the 'no work, no wage' rule.

"Whatever the situation may be, its time the ASUU members come to terms with what’s on ground, or stir the ire of the Nigerian Youths," Obasi concludes.

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