Thursday, 24 October 2013

3-Yr-Old Girl Killed By Her Mother's Boyfriend [PHOTO]

Lylah Aaron died from severe brain injuries when she was allegedly beaten by her mother's boyfriendShe Was Getting More Attention A three-year-old girl suffered a fatal brain injury after her head was slammed against a wall by her mother's boyfriend. 'Bright and bubbly' Lylah Aaron was kicked, slapped and punched in the head by Delroy Catwell, Sheffield Crown Court heard. Catwell is said to have been jealous that the toddler was getting more attention from her mother than he was.

Lylah was found to have four broken ribs and the prosecution claim she was assaulted by Catwell several weeks before she died in February. Traces of her blood were found on the carpet close to a crack in the plasterboard wall, which contained Afro-Caribbean hairs, in the main bedroom of her home. While Catwell claims the wall was damaged while he was attempting to kill a spider four months previously, the prosecution say that explanation is 'implausible' and that forensic evidence points to Lylah having had her head smashed off the wall.

RIP Lylah Aaron!


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