Saturday, 26 October 2013

Actress Kemi Afolabi Opens Up On Going Nudé In Movies

The beautiful actress, who is known for wearing skimpy dresses, speaks on her selling point:

One thing I would say is that, going nude in movies does not come with the job now. What you need as an actress is your inspiration and delivery. That is the way you are able to get across to your fans. Nobody is going to tell me I have to wear pant and bra. It does not come with the job. Acting goes beyond that, to me it is your expression and how you are able to get across to those who look up to you. It is a thing of the mind and the choice we make.
If it comes to the character where you have to act the prostitute...

We have the corporate prostitutes who do not expose their body because that is what they do. Naturally I don’t like wearing a lot of things on my body when I am home. But that does not take me to the movie set and start exposing my body. Not because I am married. Sometimes you need to show some flesh, like when you are acting the role where you have to seduce a man.

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