Thursday, 17 October 2013

AMAZING 50th Anniversary Gift For Wife: Man Shapes Cornfield Maze Just Like Their Wedding Photo

Ohio, United States — Corn is the color of gold so perhaps it makes sense that one farmer in Ohio decided to surprise his wife for their 50th golden anniversary with a cornmaze in their honor.

Each year Phillip and Marie Derthick (72 and 75, respectively) host a corn maze at their farm in Ohio. Past corn mazes have been designed in tribute to sports teams, or to commemorate anniversaries.

But this year, Marie didn’t know what her husband was up to when it came time to plan the corn mazes design.

“He did it with the kids. They kept it a secret,” Marie said.

In June, she finally found out about the maze which depicts she and her husband on their wedding day, with an image of the church where they were married at the top, and even Phillip’s favorite antique tractor at the bottom.

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“I couldn’t stop there, I had to put my favorite tractor in there, too, along with my favorite gal,” Phillip said.

“I thought they were nuts, but it’s actually turned out very well,” Marie said.

The Derthick’s cornfield is 17 square acres, but surprisingly the corn maze only took one day to construct and includes three difference corn mazes

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