Wednesday, 30 October 2013

‘Cassava bread healthier for diabetics’

Cassava bread gradual revolution in the country has received positive affirmation as a nutritionist Ignatius Onimawo has confirmed that cassava flour does not increase the glycemic index of bread and would not aggravate diabetes.

Cassava flour, according to the expert, would not cause diabetics owing to the fact that the glycemic index – the way of measuring the blood sugar index is lower than 55 percent, which is scientifically considered low.

Findings have also revealed that Nigeria has depended on wheat importation to feed its population to the tune of N635 billion annually, whereas the cassava flour is healthier and economically supportive to local cassava growers.

The recent injection of N10 billion cassava grant presidential fund to bread manufacturers in the country has also brightened the chance of the availability of the bread, as the bread was visible from many producers at the just concluded Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja.

Akinwunmi Adesina, minister of agriculture, has also added his assertion to the nutritionist that the cassava bread is healthier because of the glycemic index, lower than 55 percent, which makes it healthier for diabetics’ patience.

“Federal Government is determined to ensure that Nigeria develop markets for cassava and all of our crops, and that farmers get decent earnings.

“In addition, many value chains such as dried chips, ethanol, starch and sweeteners and high quality cassava flour would also add more economic value to the cassava growers,” he said.

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