Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I See Nothing Wrong With Nudity In BBA – Namibian Rep Maria Nepembe

Maria Nepembe

While some section of the African media criticizes Big Brother Africa for the reason that it does not preserve the Africa culture though it promotes unity among Africa nations, others also feel that the indecent or immoral exposure of women (especially) in the house is something that does not speak well of Africans.

In a chat with Maria Nepembe, Namibia rep of Big Brother Africa 2013 (The Chase) who spent 35days in the house out of the supposed 91 days. She revealed that in Ghana (Mustapha Ayinde Inusah) AKA Attractive that she sees nothing wrong with people going naked in the Big Brother house.

She explained that Big Brother house is like a home where one bath naked, so if the house mates goes nude or naked whenever they are bathing and the pictures are circulated in the media, why should they – the BBA contestants be blamed of debauchery lifestyle.

‘The fact that Big Brother unifies Africa is a big achievement. Africa has to be proud of BBA. You know in Africa, whatever you do, people will criticize you. The perception some people have about Big Brother is wrong. The reality show has been rated 18 years plus so anyone who doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to watch it because of the so called indecent exposure should not watch it,” Maria said.

Maria who claimed she has found a second home which is Ghana and now living in Ghana, added that she hasn’t regretted being part of Big Brother Africa in anyway and will encourage anyone who wants to be part of it since its benefits are huge.

As a professional model and radio presenter, she revealed  that she will soon be hosting a TV show on one of the popular TV stations in Accra – Ghana so fans should watch out for her.

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