Wednesday, 23 October 2013

“I’m Not Dating Dayo Amusa” – Wasiu Ayinde K1 Denies Romance With Yoruba Actress

Single and looking Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa was recently involved in a romance scandal with Fuji star Wasiu Ayinde Marshall aka K1.

To debunk the viral story, the Fuji musician himself has denied the alleged romance stating Dayo Amusa is like a daughter to him. Though he didn’t deny the fact that the two are in a close relationship but he outrightly
denied any romance.

Hear what Kwam1 told Encomium magazine in a recent interview:

Dayo is my area daughter. She is a lady I saw a lot of potentials in, and she is doing so well in her career. When she came across me, I discovered the good talent in her, and I believed the only thing she needs was encouragement and support one can give her and that I did. And I never regretted doing that. She is a very focused lady. I never regretted knowing Dayo Amusa. Where she needs pet talk, I give her. When we talk of assistance, it doesn’t necessarily have to be financial, it could be in form of chit-chat, giving one or two pieces of advice on what could keep one in line. And every other good thing you can do to support that kind of person. She also has counted me as a good father, and I also see a good daughter in her. I never regret knowing her. People should just stop saying what’s not right about Dayo Amusa and myself. When you see two people together, you don’t start insinuating what’s not the true position of things between the two because doing that, you’re not helping the growth of the entertainment sector.

As we speak, the producer of unforgivable movie, Dayo Amusa is single and looking for a special man.. Read what she said in a recent interview HERE.

K1 gets plenty women in his wardrobe I don’t think there is any space to accommodate Dayo Amusa now *wink*

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