Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Maheeda Reveals Why She Posts Nude Photos, Continues 'Madness' On Youtube

Maheeda's Instagram account was recentlydeleted following her violation of the site's policy on explicit photos but she is not giving up.
This controversial lady has been posting seductive and sex appeal photos and recently she a picture of one of her male fans holding his penis with her nude pictures opened on his computer.

Despite being kicked out of Instagram, Maheeda is not resting, and she has decided to 'redirect her madness' to Youtube as Instagram can't handle her.

She has revealed that she understands that what goes around, comes around and is not bothered by what people are saying about her. She also revealed that calling her names like attention seeker, and saying she's only doing publicity stunts won't deter her.

Now we know Maheeda is on a mission. Don't you think there should be a limit?

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