Saturday, 5 October 2013

Maheeda, sinner or saint?

Her claim to fame couldn’t have been her music, for the self acclaimed gospel singer, Maheeda, went off the music radar long ago. However, the babe is certainly on a mission to be seen as the most controversial singer.

Maheeda actually gained a lot of sympathy, fans and commendations when she came out to say she was born again, after living an inglorious lifestyle for so many years.

But it is as if our wannabe star has gone back to her old ways.

Not too long ago, the babe went on her twitter handle and twitted, “When my money, knowledge or skill is not working, there is power between my legs.” Her tweets gave her more knocks than kudos on the social media but the babe is unfazed.

Earlier in the week, Maheeda went overboard by posting very raunchy photographs of herself on her Instangram page and titled them ‘Independence Pics’.

Of course, she got so many ‘bashing’ from people who felt she was just looking for cheap attention while so many others felt she was ‘a mental case’.

Howbeit, Maheeda has whetted the appetite of some people who are eagerly waiting and hoping that Maheeda would give them some more.

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