Saturday, 5 October 2013

Real Maximization: How Sex workers take over Lagos banks at nights.

This story tells about how call girls use new generation banks in Lagos as a stand to execute the quick duties at night. They make use of nooks and every available space in the bank surrounding, security guard room, benches, e.t.c. to lodge so as to execute their nocturnal assignment. Continue reading...

"Hello handsome. My name is Ella – Emmanuela. I’ll give you a memorable night. If you can’t afford an all night (N15,000), we can have a ‘short time’ somewhere around. It’ll cost you much less (N2,500). Just pay the security man there (pointing to a bank opposite) and it’s as good as done,” a call girl said.

A bank? Yes. By 4pm on any business day, the doors of banks in Lagos State, like in every other part of the country, are shut to customers. But by 10pm, many of these banks play host to another set of customers.

Investigation reveals that the numerous commercial sex workers who throng the Allen Avenue-Opebi and GRA Ikeja business districts in Lagos, make use of bank premises to service their customers.

The Allen Avenue and Opebi axis is known as a hub for commercial sex workers in Lagos mainland. It is not strange to see scantily-dressed young women of all shapes and sizes parading both sides of the road at the Opebi Roundabout around 10pm every night.

During a visit to a popular club in Opebi, where many of these commercial sex workers station themselves, Saturday PUNCH had a chat with a 29 year old young man who confirmed that he had used the premises of a bank for ‘short time’ purpose.

The security man is the main brain behind the deal. The young man's account

The young man says no matter how tired he is after closing for the day in the insurance company where he works, he likes to visit the clubs in the area.

He says, “I was going home after visiting some clubs in Opebi one Friday night and I was bored. While driving through Allen, I saw a girl that caught my fancy and I stopped to talk to her. I knew I could not take her home. So, I asked where we could do a ‘short time’ and she pointed to a bank.

“I did not understand what she meant. There was an ATM at the front of the bank, so I thought she meant that I had to withdraw money and pay her first.

“But before I could say anything, she said I should go and talk to the security man at the bank and give him N500. She told me the guard would watch over my car as well. After we were done, I gave the girl N1,500. That was a funny time because we even broke the security man’s bench and had to leave in a hurry before he noticed.”

That was indeed a funny story.

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