Thursday, 17 October 2013

Shocking: Middle-Aged Couple Glued To Each Other While Having S*X

A couple experimenting with a séxual position from the Kama Sutra was rushed to hospital after they became stuck to each other.

Valentina Sokolov, age 51, had been given a copy of the classic séx book for her 50th birthday. She and husband Ivan, age 56, decided to get kinky and practice one of the positions. They aimed for the stars and
chose the Indrani or “deck chair” position. This complicated position involves “the woman drawing up her knees so her feet are jammed under her partner’s armpits.”

Things were going great for the couple until Valentina started to climax, triggering a muscle spasm that trapped Ivan inside her. The couple tried unsuccessfully to separate themselves for two hours. Finally they called an ambulance.

A medic sent to help the couple found the situation wildly amusing. He said, “We couldn’t help laughing looking at them. The two lovers, who were not young at all, were in such a complicated position!”

The couple was taken to the hospital where they were separated. Ivan was so embarrassed he immediately ran out of the hospital. Valentina required surgery and made a full recovery.

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