Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Jonas Brothers Explain Their Breakup: Our Music Was Getting "Stale"

Just days after announcing their band's breakup, the Jonas Brothers took to Good Morning America to explain just why they split.

Admitting that he was the one that initiated the conversation, Nick Jonas said, "I feel like we've had some complication within the group for a long time and without addressing them, I feel like this train is going to fall off the tracks."

"We feel like we're best suited to do our own individual things," he continued, adding that the siblings "choose to be brothers first."

"It was starting to get stale to us," Joe Jonas said of the band's sound. "There were just individual things we were just budding heads about ... At some point, we just decided it's best if we just finish this."

According to Kevin Jonas, he'll focus on the “business side” of the entertainment industry, while Nick and Joe branch off into resuming their solo music careers again.

The band noted that though their plans for their upcoming album, V, have been scraped, they hope the songs they've recorded for the LP will be released to the public sometime soon.

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