Tuesday, 15 October 2013

This TV Presenter Has Been Sacked For Revealing Her Boo-bs

Indecent dressing is a fad that does no one any good, if only ladies will understand. As you read this, this lady has lost her job at a Turkish TV station after she was accused of wearing an “unacceptable” dress. The lady, who is identified as Miss Kansu, is accused of taking her fashion sense to the “extreme”.

“We don’t intervene against anyone, but this is too much. It is unacceptable,” said government spokesman.

Turkish citizens are divided over the issue. Some say it is a welcome development as it would make ladies to learn to be moderate in their dressing, especially those who appear on televtion, as kids too watch TV.

But others, mostly ladies, are saying she shouldn’t have been sacked.
They say it’s a free world.

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