Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tinubu Blasts Jonathan: You Should Be A Leader In Nollywood

President Goodluck Jonathan commissioned his attack lion Doyin Okupe to attack APC leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, rather than address the issues he raised. As we had expected, Tinubu has fired back:

“The reaction of Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidential Cry Babies to Tinubu’s extensive comments on the proposed national conference was predictable. As usual, rather than deal with the salient and substantial issues surrounding the proposed National Conference raised by Former Governor Tinubu, the reaction from the presidency skirted around them.

In typical fashion, it resorted to abusive language and name calling. Okupe, like a punch drunk pugilist, threw several empty jabs and went on a flight of fancy praising his boss and flaunting fictional achievements of the administration in the face of Nigerians.

We leave it to Nigerians to judge. They are the ones who feel the pains and millions will not be able to relate to all the fictional transformational achievements reeled out by the Presidency.

Nigerians are saddled with a President who believes fiction is more important than fact and imagination is more genuine than reality. While we would not mind such a person to be a leading figure in our Nollywood film industry, I am frightened that he is the Chief Resident of Aso Villa and surrounded by a cast of like minds.

Tinubu’s searching questions about the Jonathan Conference remain fundamental. We urge Jonathan and his cry babies to take time to read through the statement and address the cloud of doubts surrounding the proposed conference. This is a flip-flopping Presidency and on this issue it must provide answers.

Tinubu is satisfied that he has raised the provocative questions that need be asked and no amount of shadow boxing and presidential foul language can change that.”

Sunday Dare
Special Adviser Media
To Fmr. Governor Bola Tinubu


  1. Tinubu is benefiting from imbalance in our system,he don't want Nigerians to talk about the way forward because that will affect his empires..But what will be will be,the conference must hold,the inequalities and injustice meted to some sections of this country must be sorted out before the likes of Tinubu will continue their dry cleaning he is doing in Lagos..We must have equal states,equal local governments and equal number of members at the NASS....

    1. mr man or what did u call ur self u must be a MAD MAN


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