Thursday, 3 October 2013

Chris Brown's Been "Hangin with Drake in the Studio"

Seems as if Chris Brown and Drake have put aside their beef for the sake of music. Breezy [or his team] took to his Facebook page to announce that he's been "Hangin' with Drake in the studio," reports Billboard, and added a link to a video of the two dapping it up as confirmation.

"This is a big record, man," Drake says as he vibes out to a track.

The video even hints at a collaboration between the two -- Drake had an outfit change at one point, going from a hooded sweatshirt to a button up, implying plenty of time had past.

Although, it's unclear when the video was taken, fans are hopeful that it's an early Christmas, especially since a source reveal that Drake and his entourage went to see CB's recent iHeart Radio performance, and hugged it out with him there.

Brown and Drake have been embroiled in a notorious beef that escalated to a brawl at a New York City nightclub in 2012, and a lawsuit that named both performers. This year, the suit was thrown out, and the jabs the two were throwing at each other via the media subsided to kinder words like, "his music is still hot," which is what Brown said of Drake.

Elsewhere in CB's video, which is posted to his website, Justin Beiber,, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes,Nelly, Tyga, Brandy, Game and Lupe Fiasco all make appearances.

Brown's long-awaited album, X, is now expected Nov. 19.

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