Friday, 18 October 2013

Fans Blast Ini Edo,Mercy Johnson,Funke Akindele For Playing Roles Of School Children

According to one of the film critique, he observed that why should the role of school fellas be assigned to an older actor, to him it doesn't make sense, and I'm really agree with him. Read his statement, and the image cut out below:

"Nollywood should train kids for such roles not using old people to play young children. Plz stop behavinglike nigerian politician! Calling children leaders of tomorrow and yet not giving them chance to grow n develo!!!! So pathetic! We go see Mercy Johnson go to school, Nkem Owoh go to school! What's that??? #horror! Haters abuse me all you want oh! But this is a true fact that's affecting our future!"---bankybrown

Do you Agree With this ? See Pictures of Ini Edo,Mercy Johnson,Funke Akindele on set playing Roles Of School Children..

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