Sunday, 13 October 2013

FEMI KUTI: Why I Don’t Believe In Marriage

Femi Kuti is an interesting personality any day, and this time he didn’t disappoint as he talks about his private life in way you’ve not heard him talk before. He said he has stopped “running after ladies” because he is now over 50 years. He also speaks on his problem with “marriage” and it’s rules. Hear him:

“I am no more sexually active. When you see a beautiful woman, when you reach my age and you have responsibility like myself, you will know what I am talking about. Before now, as a young man, you would want to go after her.

[But now] there are many nights I go and sleep alone not because I don’t have girlfriends or want a girlfriend, when I think of the responsibility I have in my life, I will immediately have a rethink.

The women in my life also have responsibilities. I can tell you that the mothers of my children, we stay together, we are very serious. You could say we are husband and wife but I don’t believe in marriage.

I just don’t understand why one man will say I pronounce you man and wife, in that case. I pronounce myself man and wife. I am very different from my father but in a lot of ways like him.”

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