Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Forbes Releases World’s Most Powerful list, puts Putin ahead of Obama. Dangote Above President Jonathan. Doubting Forbe's Credibility?

Forbes just released its World’s Most Powerful People list and put Russian president Vladamir Putin ahead of US president Barack Obama. That’s wack! They also said Dangote is more powerful than President Goodluck Jonathan. Dangote was placed 64th most powerful person in the world, Jonathan didn’t make the list.

If joaquin guzman loera, Mexican drug lord who heads the Sinaloa Cartel, can make the list then GEJ should make it as well.

See the rest after the cut..

 Here are the reactions of the commenters on Forbes furiously angry about the superimposition of Russia above The America:

Larry Hatcher: I was totally dumfounded by the selection of Putin over Obama…makes me question the credibility of Forbes.
Called-out comment

Ilja NB: And why is that ? Putin showed amazing diplomacy this year by preventing an international war in Syria, and also he made Russia proud and powerful again.

I know you guys are very unhappy about that, but learn to live with it.
Oh and Russia is also financially healthier that anyone with practically no government debt.
Called-out comment

Enzo Pratti : Everything that comes from the United States and lies, has no credibility whatsoever! the world is aware of this.

Andrey Nikolaev: Ilja’s comment as the rating itself are products of large-scale propaganda campaign of Putin’s regime. The multimillion advertising of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Don’t let them fool you.

 Khodorkovsky: Atlas Shrugged. The US economy is 8 times bigger than the Russian economy, which is completely oil dependant. This is a silly – and clearly politically motivated – move by Forbes.

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