Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kanye West’s ‘Ultimate’ Birthday Gift To Kim Kardashian Revealed

October is Kim’s birthday month, and Kanye is on a mission to spoil his sweetheart. At least one of her gifts won’t be a surprise — the new mom has asked her longtime love for her very own ‘top-of-the-line’ home spa!

Kanye West, 36, wants nothing but the best for his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, who celebrated her 33rd birthday on Oct. 21. Kanye is planning to shower Kim with presents all month long, including one “ultimate” gift: a state-of-the-art spa in her new home! But it won’t be just any regular home spa, of course — it will be one full of luxury and lavish style. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Kanye West: Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Gift Is The ‘Ultimate’ Home Spa

Kim is one lucky lady, and she’s definitely going to love living in her new home with Kanye — especially after this amazing addition! A friend of the Kardashian family reveals:
Kim wants the ultimate spa built in her new home with Kanye. She wants top-of-the-line everything, including two infrared sauna rooms, one with rose quartz and the other with Himalayan salt. She also wants an organic aromatherapy steam room, a salt water whirlpool, a massage room, and a Japanese-style meditation room with crystals. And of course, a high-tech sound system throughout the entire spa. This is just one of the many gifts Kanye is planning on giving Kim. Kanye will be surprising Kim with birthday gifts all month long, but the spa is the ultimate one!
Wow — we are so jealous of all those luxurious features! But we have to say Kim totally deserves to relax in style. Between being a new mother to baby North West, to dealing with her mother Kris Jenner‘s divorce, Kim has definitely earned some R&R!
The Kardashians Celebrate Kim Kardashian’s Birthday

Kim’s loving family also showered her with gifts and affection on her 33rd birthday.

Kourtney Kardashian, 34, posted 38 pictures of herself and Kim growing up together on her website, while brother Rob Kardashian, 26, sent a giant bouquet of flowers to Kim, which she showed off on Instagram.

And it didn’t stop there!

Kris posted a flashback photo of Kim and herself looking surprisingly stunning while riding camels, and Kim’s little sisters, Kylie Jenner, 16, and Kendall Jenner,17, posted their own photos with Kim, wishing her a happy birthday and lots of love.

It sounds like Kim is having her best birthday yet!

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