Sunday, 27 October 2013

Nigerian Boy Sentenced To Death In Vietnam For DRUGS...Making It The 3rd This Year

In the past 4 - 5 months, I have posted stories of a Nigerian boy that was sentenced to death in Malaysia and another in Vietnam. Today, another Nigerian boy who goes by name Eliogu, has been sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Vietnam.

He was arrested in the city’s Tan Son Nhat Airport after arriving from Thailand, with the drugs allegedly found in 19 nylon bags hidden in a battery charger.

He claimed during interrogation that he had been asked by another man to carry some goods including 16 pistons and the battery charger to Vietnam and that he did not know there were drugs inside but he couldn’t to provide any information about the said man in court.

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  1. I just feel saddened when I hear things like this. These young guys are in their prime and could have been making positive contributions to society. But instead they somehow become embroiled in things like this. I don't want to judge and I don't think much of the death penalty, but on the one hand people must know what the score is with drug trafficking in these places. Even if you may be innocent just the mere association with it can put you on death row. Tochi Amara Iwuchukwu is a case in point. I, like many believe that
    guy was duped. But the authorities in Malaysia weren't having it. It is a tragicshshame for him, his family and society.


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