Tuesday, 1 October 2013

‘Pregnant’ Boy, 2, ‘Gives Birth’ To His Parasitic Twin

A 2-year-old boy in Huaxi, China was diagnosed as ‘pregnant’ when doctors discovered that his unborn twin had started growing in his stomach. In this rare version of conjoined twins, the boy’s unborn brother developed inside of him.

Xiao Feng, 2, went through a difficult and painful procedure to “birth” his parasitic twin. The fetus of his twin had developed inside his stomach, and the twin’s growth caused his belly to swell and give him tremendous trouble breathing.
Emergency: The two-year-old underwent the surgery recently in Huaxi after he developed breathing difficulties

Pain: The feet of the boys's twin can be seen sticking out from the body of the Chinese boy
After Surgery: The young child is carried by his mother following the complicated surgery to remove the twin from his stomach
‘Pregnant’ Boy, 2, ‘Gives Birth’ To His Parasitic Twin

Xiao Feng was rushed to the hospital after he experienced difficulty breathing from abdominal distention. The little boy went through a process of x-rays and MRI scans that revealed he was carrying the undeveloped fetus of his own unborn twin in his stomach, reports The Daily Mail.

The bizarre occurrence is actually a rare incident of cryptodidymus, or conjoined twins.

A parasitic twin occurs when a twin embryo develops in the uterus but never fully separates. The undeveloped twin is considered “parasitic” because it cannot survive on its own. In this particular instance, the boy absorbed his twin.

Boy Undergoes Emergency Surgery To Remove Parasitic Twin

When the fetus was removed from the little boy during surgery, doctors discovered that it had fully formed limbs and a spine. Measuring in at 20 cm, the fetus took up nearly 2/3 of the little boy’s stomach, reports The Daily Mail. The fetus would have been a boy.

After undergoing major surgery, the boy recovered with his mother by his side. Our thoughts are with the family following this difficult procedure.

WATCH THE VIDEO: ‘Pregnant’ 2-Year-Old Boy ‘Gives Birth’ To Parasitic Twin

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