Sunday, 6 October 2013

‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 5: Stefan Battles Silas & More Dream Storylines

Now that The Vampire Diaries season five is finally upon us, we have a better idea of what we can expect in season five. More importantly, we also know exactly what we want to see happen in the coming weeks, from a major doppelganger face-off to loose ends getting tied up in New Orleans.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 5: Our Storyline Wish List

1. Stefan’s release from his watery prison: No one deserves to spend an entire summer drowning repeatedly — least of all Stefan (Paul Wesley), whose life was already crappy enough, following Elena’s decision to be with Damon full-time on the season finale. They need to get him out of there!

2. Stefan vs. Silas: Just as Stefan’s release is inevitable, I’m dying to see him face off against the ancient evil look-alike who imprisoned him in the first place. Stefan doesn’t seem like he’d stand a chance against the much older, much evil-er being — but he could always get some help.

3. Tyler & Caroline’s reunion: Watching Caroline (Candice Accola) sobbing over Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) message at the end of the season premiere was heartbreaking. Whether they have a legit future or not, Tyler and Caroline are in desperate need of some face time. Candice told us we’ll see Tyler at some point this season, and I’m hoping it’s sooner, rather than later.

4. Crossovers with The Originals: I know I just ranted about how Catherine and Tyler need to reunite, but there are a few other coupling issues I’d like to see dealt with this season. Both Caroline and Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and Matt and Rebekah (Claire Holt), have loose ends that could really use some tying up. I’m not asking for long-distance romances, necessarily, but a little closure for either or both couples would be nice.

5. Happiness for Katherine: I can’t be the only viewer who felt bad for Katherine on the season premiere. I mean, she’ll still a total bitch, but she’s vulnerable and wants to be loved. Whether it’s Damon (Ian Somerhalder) or Stefan or someone new, I don’t care; that girl needs to get laid bad.

6. More shirtless Jeremy: For crying out loud, Jeremy’s been back from the dead for an entire episode now, and we haven’t even gotten so much as a blink of shirtless-ness from Elena’s all-grown-up little brother (Steven R. McQueen). What’s that about?

Gistplaza readers, which of these moments are you most excited to see? Anything we forgot to put on our list? Drop a comment with your predictions/hopes for season five below!

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  1. Menh, i would like to watch the season. Thx for updates...i knew wicked Silas will nt be allowed to have his way among the loving vampires. Wish im watching it rit nw. My best character stil reamain Damon


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