Thursday, 24 October 2013

VIDEO: Wedding at Funeral Parlor – Man Marries His Wife’s Dead Body

A wedding-picture video has broke millions of Internet users’ hearts around the world.

In China’s eastern Fujian province, Groom Huagui Zhuang and bride Yan Lu were planning to get married two years ago. Unfortunately, a few days before their wedding, Lu was stabbed to death by two break-in burglars.

It amazed us that the groom still held the wedding at a funeral parlor for his deceased wife. While the bride was lying in a crystal coffin wearing the wedding gown, the groom tightly held his wife’s hand. He invited family from both sides to act as witness.

“This maybe a 2 minutes clip. But after 2 minutes, I’m tearing. True love really do exist,” MrNonVirgin commented on the video’s YouTube page.

Eric Sim said: “Simply unbelievable. simply touching. No words can describe this marriage.”

“Just shows that true love exists. This is the most touching story i’ve ever heard. God bless both of them,” Cherlyn Anna commented.

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