Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Tough girl extraordinaire Nicki Minaj is nowhere to be found at the beginning of the singer's new Minajesty fragrance commercial. Clad in a billowing pink gown, pearls, and cotton candy-colored hair, the edgy rapper is barely recognizable. But as she sprints through a forest, the girly gems and layers of cloud-like fabric fall away. We're left with the Nicki we all know and love, confidently walking into a castle. Um, fierce! The Minaj translation? A girl shouldn't be afraid to be herself because, as her voiceover cooly states, "if she believes, she will reign forever."
If you want to soak up a little bit of the singer's confidence, you can try out her flirtatious new scent. It's a combination of florals and juicy fruits with warm vanilla and musky base notes. Essentially, it's liquid confidence, and we have a feeling that Nicki wears it well.

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