Wednesday, 16 October 2013

You're Degrading Womanhood-Lagos Deputy Governor Fires Iyanya’s Dancers

It was a beautiful performance from the sensational artiste, Iyanya and his dancers but the end really justified the means when the Lagos State Deputy Governor, Orelope Adefulire fired one of Iyanya's female dancers.

Read their conversation held at the closing ceremony of the MTN Lagos Street Soccer at the Campos Mini Stadium in Lagos Island below.

Deputy Governor: I guess you are professional dancers?

Iyanya's Dancers: Yes ma!

Deputy Governor: If you must entertain without pants on, certainly not in a gathering like this. Just see how you are disgracing and degrading womanhood. Don’t try it again.
Iyanya's Dancers: Yes ma!

Yes! It's not just Iyanya's dancers alone that engage in this kind of immoral costum es they dance with. Even, the popular dance queen and others are not left behind!

Well it's a pity, Iyanya's dancer is the one fired this time, next time, it may be another person. The word, they say, is enough for the wise!

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  1. this goes to show that woman is a virtuous woman and she told her what any mummy will tell her own blood. we have lost the our woman dignity and pride. pls i dont mean to sound rude but who raised that girl. she need to go back for some soul searching. pls check my blog.


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